Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Why We Love Homeschooling

There's a great post on Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers about 50 Reasons Why Homeschooled Kids Love Homeschooling. I love all the responses(although some of them don't really apply to us, since I work most days of the week, so we can't do field trips whenever we want), and I wanted to find out what Monkey thought. His answers were:

  • Because I get more time to play
  • Because I get to stay home with Mom
  • Because I can learn fun things
  • Because I can do harder stuff
I am so glad that Monkey is enjoying homeschooling, because I am loving it too! Why do I love it?
  • Because I can spend more time with Monkey (and hopefully Bunny someday too).
  • Because I can see Monkey become engaged with learning, rather than grudgingly doing assigned work.
  • Because I have the flexibility to teach what interests Monkey and to introduce different topics that I think are important.
  • Because I really enjoy planning and selecting material for different topics.
  • Because I am learning too, as I teach.
  • Because we have more free time so the time when we are home is not rushed and crammed with work that someone else told us we have to do. (Bunny is pretty efficient at her homework, so her time at home is only minimally impacted by homework).