About Me

I am a Chinese American mom, born in the US to immigrant parents from Taiwan. My husband is Irish American, also born here in the US, 1st generation on one side, 2nd generation on the other. Being a mixed race family has been always been a blessing, as we get the best of both worlds. Our son (Monkey, age 10) is homeschooled, after attending public school for 4.5 years. Our daughter (Bunny, age 8) attends public school, where she is content for the time being.

We felt led by the Lord to begin homeschooling at the start of 2014. This was an answer to prayer after years of my son's unhappiness in public school. Seeing the positive change in my son after homeschooling was confirmation that this was the best option for him.  I wish we had started earlier. 

I started this blog to chronicle our homeschooling journey and share some ideas and thoughts along the way. Some of it will be general homeschool thoughts, some will be specific to the Asian culture from which I come, and some will be specific to my own journey.