Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Being in the Minority

All my life, I've been in the minority.
  • As a Chinese American: I was the only Asian in my grade during my elementary school years. Middle school and high school improved a little, I was one of 3 Chinese people in class of 250+ students. There were probably 10 Asian Americans total in my grade. Our town is pretty diverse, compared to where I grew up, but still, going to PTA meetings when Monkey was in school, I was often the only Asian in attendance. 
  • As a conservative Christian:  In college, being an Christian in a secular school was often met with disdain. Where we live now, there's just a general feeling that Christianity is irrelevant. People don't go to church.  Sports games and birthday parties are regularly scheduled for Sunday mornings. People don't really talk about Christian values.
  • As a homeschooler: Well, clearly, we are outnumbered, although the number of homeschoolers is estimated at over 2 million now, and is growing fast.  In my state, and my town, there just doesn't seem to be that many.  At our various extra-curricular activities, we are the only homeschoolers.  Our state doesn't have any reporting or requirement laws about homeschooling (which is great!), so there are no records of how many kids are homeschooled. 
  • As a Christian Asian Homeschooler:  I'll be honest, I haven't met that many that are in this category. It doesn't matter what race anyone is, and I love connecting with people regardless of race or religion, but sometimes it does help to have someone with a similar background or way of thinking to relate to. I've met a couple of Asian homeschoolers(like, only 3), but I hear there ARE some out there!  My guess as to why there are not too many is the whole Asian culture that almost idolizes school. Stepping away from formal school is probably unheard of in Asian countries. I'm glad to hear that there are pockets of Asian homeschoolers, even in my state (just not near me).
Anyway, sometimes I just get discouraged, feeling isolated and 'different' from everyone else. But I have to remind myself that God created each one of us uniquely.  He doesn't want us to be the same, and maybe, being different is God's way of sending ambassadors to others so they understand people from a different perspective.