Wednesday, January 11, 2017

3-year Anniversary of our Homeschool Journey

I can't believe we've been doing this for 3 years now. I haven't kept up with this blog much, but for posterity's sake, I thought I'd record some notes as we pass this milestone.

Things are now even more streamlined than a year ago. We've kept a similar routine, but have added a daily viewing of CNN Student News (now called CNN 10) each morning, and then we do our Bible lesson, and take time to pray about what we learned in the Bible lesson as well as what we saw in the news segment. We now do science and history each day (rather than focusing on one or the other for a few weeks at a time), and we got more serious about learning Chinese. The kids are both at a point where they don't fight me about assignments. They sometimes complain, but they don't throw fits like they used to. Monkey is still not the best at time management, but when motivated, he can do it. I've found that letting them listen to music actually helps them stay on task.

I have to say, I am LOVING homeschooling! I love that we have the afternoon and evening free for fun family activities or extra curriculars without the pressure of homework. I love being able to take a topic they're interested in and jump right in and start learning about it. I love that we don't have to deal with classroom/school drama. I love that we can take vacations whenever (well, I'm still limited by the # of vacation days that we have from work). I love taking random days off. I love that we have time to do volunteer work.  I love not rushing for the bus in the mornings. Most of all, I love seeing them learn! When out of the blue, they're just doing their own thing, they'll pipe up and recall something they learned and how it connects to what they are currently doing, it just makes me so excited (and a little relieved, that YES, they are actually paying attention).

Looking back at some of the goals I set last year...

1. Adding more formal Chinese teaching, maybe introducing more reading/writing, since we've mainly focused on listening and speaking.

2. Getting them to pick up more life skills/chores, such as cooking or cleaning. 

Bunny came up with a great system over the summer which has worked really well for cleaning the house. Each person gets assigned 1 room and 1 task per week for which they are responsible the entire week. At the end of the week, each person is award points based on what is expected to be completed for that room/task, out of 10 points total. Then additional bonus points are added if they go above and beyond and do extra work (like dusting, washing out the bunny pen, etc.). Whoever has the most points gets to choose a fun family activity, an outing, or a restaurant. This has really a blessing in keeping the house in a manageable state, as well as giving us a lot of fun family time. We've gone on hikes, played various board games, watched movies, eaten at a variety of restaurants, baked cookies, gone out for ice cream...

3. Give them some practice with studying and taking tests, since we have not done any testing (we will do our first standardized test this spring).

They took the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) in the spring and they did great! The time limit threw them a bit, but they still did really well. We have also started using Quizlet to test how much they know. Doing a quick search on there finds a lot of quizzes already created by other people, and often for the same curriculum we are using.

4. Doing more discussion about their reading. We don't have any reading plan or curriculum right now, so we need to work on understanding more complex literary elements.  

We tried Progeny Press Literature Guides and Total Language Plus Study Guides and ended up liking Progeny Plus better. The questions are more in-depth. TLP had a lot of spelling and vocabulary review, and basic reading comprehension, and some light writing assignments, but I liked the Progeny Press had more literary analysis and writing prompts, as well as other project ideas.

We also added spelling this year, using Sequential Spelling. Monkey has a hard time with spelling, but so far, so good. It was so frustrating with his spelling before that I just gave up on it. Now that he's older, I think he's getting it. I read once somewhere not to worry about spelling, many kids will just naturally pick it up if they read a lot, but if by middle school, they are still struggling, then go ahead and teach I'm taking that advice.

For the year ahead...

We're at such a comfortable point right now, with curriculum we're happy with, a routine that works, and a good level of engagement from the kids, that there's not much I would want to add! I think a few ideas are:
  1. More cooking- I'm hoping to get them to cook a meal a week, but that might be too ambitious of a goal. Bunny won't touch raw meat and Monkey has a fear of pouring salt (after dumping salt all over a dish one time when it flowed too quickly) and neither one will cut onions.
  2. More writing-We currently don't do that much writing, maybe once every 2-3 weeks. 
  3. More note-taking skills - We started on learning how to take notes this fall, but it's slow-going. I don't think I ever was explicitly taught how to take notes, but I realized there's a lot of elements to think about- how to distinguish main points vs. minor details, how to write succinctly, how to organize the notes so it's not just a string of phrases. At this point, I often have to stop what I'm doing and tell them "This is important, write this down." and then pause for a good 2 minutes for them to catch up with writing.  
  4. More friends - Bunny made a new homeschool friend this year, and has easily made new friends previously. They're both getting more comfortable at co-op (this is our 2nd year), but hopefully Monkey can develop some deeper friendships in the year ahead. This goes for me too-getting to know more of the other homeschool moms in the area. This is hard for me, as I'm perfectly fine being quiet and not engaging with new people, but I do know the value of having other homeschool moms as friends and I think I'm finally feeling comfortable myself at co-op.
  5. More logical thinking - Hoping to add the Fallacy Detective to the mix this year. We've used Logic Liftoff periodically, but I think maybe they need more of a challenge.