Sunday, October 25, 2015

Weekly Wrap-up: American Revolution, Part 2

We are just about done with the American Revolution.  A highlight of our studies was our trip to Valley Forge, PA. They had a special Homeschool Day program where they lined up the kids for military drilling, complete with fake wooden muskets,  and had various stations for the kids to learn about what they wore, how they built their huts, how they cooked, rules they had to follow, etc. It really brought to life what we were learning about. We toured the house where George Washington stayed during the winter at Valley Forge, as well as checked out the memorial dedicated to the soldiers of the war.

George Washington's Headquarters
We also stopped by Washington Crossing in PA, since that was close enough by. To be honest, it wasn't that thrilling, but there was a museum with artifacts and information from that time period. But still, it's pretty cool to stand where they embarked on the crossing and see the replica boats.

So during our 2nd half of our American Revolution unit, we covered from Valley Forge, through Saratoga, and on to Yorktown.  We read comic book biographies on Thomas Jefferson and Benedict Arnold from the Graphic library, and read "Why Not, Lafayette?" by Jean Fritz...All of them I would highly recommend. Lafayette, especially, was a fascinating person and had quite a notable life! I honestly knew NOTHING about him, other than that he came from France to help the Americans. I really loved learning about him alongside my kids.

This week, we are planning to wrap up the American Revolution with an emphasis on George Washington's life, using the following books:
George Washington's Breakfast

 George Washington True Patriot
George Washington True Patriot

If you Grew Up with George Washington

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  1. What a neat experience! My kids would love something like that!

  2. WOW I love that field trip. We are doing Liberty Kids DVD series with the girls this far, so good!